Story Campaign

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Last Day on Earth‘s Story Mode is a five-act narrative campaign that serves two main purposes. First, it introduces new players to the app’s many gameplay systems. Second, it engages veteran players by offering exclusive expansion content. This content includes a new base, a vehicle, and a flamethrower that has been a long-time request from the community.

While it may seem odd for an app to release its first narrative campaign five years into its life cycle, this report analyzes the design decisions that help Story Mode appeal to players of all experience levels.

Breakout and Soft-Launch Apps

Tower of Fantasy‘s biggest competition is gacha RPG juggernaut Genshin Impact. While clearly inspired by that breakout hit, it’s shaping its own identity by prioritizing replayable systems and frequent content refreshes.

LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth‘s core gameplay loop is quite similar to EA’s previous IP hit, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. With a proven squad RPG formula and a famous IP, Heroes of Middle-earth is likely to succeed—although it will need to develop more robust meta-features before its worldwide launch.

Innovative Features and Events

This month’s noteworthy releases include a virtual concert with Justin Bieberin Garena Free Fire, a panda-naming contest in Identity V, and two concurrent series of competitions in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

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