Angry Birds Dream Blast gameplay combines a physics-based trajectory with collapse mechanics. Boosts effectiveness are based on player choices. Event schedules comprised of streak and competition reskins.

Feature Details

  • The lobby is clean with a few visible features (1).
  • Core gameplay is a physics-based trajectory movement of bubbles with a collapse mechanic instead of link-3 (see this video) (2).
  • There are no pre-level boost options, but players can choose from three in-level boosts to purchase (3).
  • Players create three types of boosts during play. Damage of boosts are based on number of bubbles collapsed to create the boost (4).
  • Reskin of competition style events offers rewards to the top 15 players (5).
  • The newest streak event awards players boosts for completing consecutive levels (6).

Additional Game Features

The links below go to our Feature Database for more images and videos of each feature listed. This is an easy way to find out more about a specific aspect of the app. The Feature Database is members-only. Email us for more information.

Economy Teardown

The graph below is an example of the information that can be pulled from the Extended Economy Spreadsheet, which can be downloaded below.

The Extended Economy Spreadsheet goes 146 game levels into the app’s progression to examine all the inflow and outflows of the economy by player experience, level, and day.

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