Read the Battle Pass Toolkit Update

Since we first published our Battle Pass Toolkit in 2021, battle passes have become an essential component of apps’ monetization strategies and player experiences. In nearly every genre, developers are adding more features, price points, and progressions to better target their unique audiences. At the same time, apps are taking greater steps to ensure that battle passes are accessible for free and paying players alike.

Our updated analysis examines how the proliferation of battle passes has affected battle pass strategies for leading apps across markets.

Our key takeaways:

  • Casual and casino apps are best suited to shorter passes with lower prices, while core apps favor longer, more expensive passes.
  • Secondary features—such as mini-games, collections, and supplemental tiers—turn battle passes into hubs for player progressions.
  • Robust tutorial systems and introductory passes make battle passes more approachable.

Check out the Battle Pass Toolkit Update for our complete analysis.


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