Download the Play-To-Earn Deep Dive Toolkit

Play-to-earn (P2E) is an exciting opportunity for startup game companies but is still too risky for large companies. That said, large companies should be ready to capitalize when P2E economies become safer and more widely adopted by users and platforms.

But right now, P2E apps’ in-game economies are crashing—along with the valuations of their developers. Our Play-To-Earn Deep Dive Toolkit analyzes the leading P2E apps to find out why they’re faltering and what it will take to develop sustainable P2E economies. 

In order to succeed, apps need to generate greater ongoing demand for their crypto tokens and NFTs. They can accomplish this by using those assets to emphasize unique gameplay experiences rather than player profits, and by targeting players who are more interested in playing games than signing up for virtual jobs.

The Play-to-Earn Deep Dive Toolkit contains two documents: a Deep Dive Report and a Details Document. In the Deep Dive Report, we provide insights on every aspect of P2E app design, from strategic risks and in-game economies to gameplay design and NFTs. In the Details Document, you’ll find teardowns of leading P2E apps and blockchain services.

Download the Play-To-Earn Deep Dive Toolkit for our complete analysis.

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