The casual, stage-based gameplay of puzzle games makes the genre perfect for interstitial and rewarded ads. Here is the breakdown of puzzle app monetization, and its success across demographics.      

  • AppAnnie reported that last year global puzzle game IAP revenue reached $4.5 billion, which was +18% YoY.
    • IAP revenue for match-three puzzle games accounted for $3.4 billion, and was +13% YoY.
  • Datamagic reports match-three is the second most popular genre in Europe and North America.

2019 Q4 Impressions and Revenue by Placement, Geo, and Platform

  • Interstitial ads generated 74% of revenue and 75% of impressions, while rewarded ads captured 26% of revenue and accounted for 25% of impressions.
  • The eCPM for puzzle games in the US was $6-$8, with the UK at $3-$5, and Canada at $2-$4.
  • iOS was the top puzzle game market by eCPM, at $5-$7, with Google Play and Amazon tied for second with $2-$4.

UA Perspective

  • CPM fluctuation makes puzzle apps sensitive to CPIs.
  • Vladimir Ilchenko, Head of UA at Veraxen, believes to increase impression conversion rates focus on the most attractive creatives to your audience.


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