Level features are top revenue drivers

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Level features are a growing trend in casino that produce strong, predictable revenue growth, averaging +3.3% MoM revenue with a low standard deviation of ±7.9%. This revenue is significantly higher than missions (+1.3% MoM) and collections (-0.2% MoM), the two most popular progression-based features.


One reason that level features perform so well is because they allow apps to layer secondary mechanics on top of the feature’s main progression. For example, in Game of Thrones SlotsDragons of Westeros, players level up pet dragons and complete secondary tasks like sending their dragons on missions to earn wheel spins.

Download the full Casino Report to learn why layering mechanics is key to designing successful level features—and how level features provide an opportunity to incorporate customizable cosmetics.

Video Insights

In this month’s video insights, we examine Bingo Party’s Ace Detective mini-game from the July Casino Report to show how adding a little bit of information to a mini-game can create a more strategic experience and a refreshing break from core gameplay. Check out the video here.

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