Gambling with IAPs

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Caesars SlotsGame Room takes a highly innovative approach to IAPs by allowing players to gamble on their purchases. In Game Room, players buy tokens that they use to bet on three mini-games. The mini-games pay out primary currency and have the potential to award much higher value than normal purchases.

In this report, we analyze how Game Room targets high-spending players by offering unique value propositions and why Caesars Slots designed mini-games with different degrees of player control. We also include insights from an interview with Nathan Bird, Caesars Slots’ Vice President of Game Design, to better understand Caesars Slots’ goals.

Market Watch

Bingo Wild has more than tripled its average daily revenue since we first covered the app in May 2021. As part of this growth, Bingo Wild has released an explosion of meta-features that target both short- and long-term engagement.

We also tear down new feature and event releases in the casino market, including two types of purchase offers in Cash Frenzy, a club feature in myVEGAS that includes solo and club reward tracks, and a lottery mini-game in Slotomania.

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