VIP Programs Are Key for Successful Web Stores

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VIP Programs with Web Store Perks

VIP systems are essential for driving traffic to web stores in casino apps. In this month’s Headline Release, we analyze Huuuge Casino’s Huuuge Rewards, which revamps the app’s VIP program to include perks that can only be claimed within Huuuge Casino’s web store. All casino apps with external platforms should link VIP programs to their web stores, where it’s easier to gather user data, create targeted offers, and avoid platforms’ transaction fees.

The release of Huuuge Rewards also includes an economy rebalance. Economy rebalances tend to produce large short-term boosts in revenue due to the increased value of rewards and sales but can frustrate veteran players by making their previous spend and engagement seem less valuable. Huuuge Rewards reduces potential frustration by instantly promoting players to VIP levels based on their experience—a fairly unique approach that other apps should consider. 

Release Trends

Reward features, such as Huuuge Rewards, perform exceptionally well in the casino market, with the third highest median revenue impact and highest average revenue impact. Reward feature impacts have low variance and an even distribution. However, despite their strong performance, the number of reward features released by tracked casino apps has declined in the past two years.

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Revenue for feature types is calculated using Liquid & Grit’s Lift Tool. For more information on the Lift Tool, email Brett Nowak.

Market Watch

Breakout Apps

Jackpot Friends’ daily revenue has increased 500% since we first covered it in our April ‘23 Casino Report. Since then, the app has updated its tutorial, made several UI tweaks, and taken the unusual step of reducing its rewards. It’s also added several new mechanics, including slot machine cosmetics, an additional premium tier for its battle pass, and a level feature that unlocks game modes.

Nearly two years after its launch, Cash Winner has broken into the top 100 casino apps. Cash Winner stands out as one of the most visually appealing apps in the market, with intricate full-screen animations and interactive elements. Its monetization strategy revolves around unusually frequent purchase offers that appear during spins and bonuses. 

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Feature and Event Releases

In House of Fun’s Crown Blaster, a month-long boost increases the rate of players’ battle pass progress. As players progress on the battle pass, they earn upgrades for the next month’s boost.

In Jackpot World’s Dreamy Voyage Magic Combat, players engage in a 1v1 competition by spinning a mini-stepper. Landing matching symbols attacks other players’ islands, steals players’ currency, or grants blocks against raids and attacks. Attacking and raiding islands damages the opponent’s health, and defeating the opponent awards a prize. 

In Quick Hit Slots’ Off-Platform Store, players tap a link in the app to go to a web store. On the web store, purchase bundles are worth 20% more compared to IAPs.

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