Priyank Badkul, product owner at Huuuge Games and executive producer of Bingo Bash, reveals advice for developing a F2P game.

Focus Innovation

  • Focus innovation on one aspect of your game and stick with tried and true approaches for the rest.
  • Huuuge Casino, for example, focused on innovation of social features while sticking to already successful formulas for mechanics, visuals, and monetization.

Pinpoint Audience

  • Instead of trying to satisfy everyone, make your game as appealing as possible to one demographic.   

Test UA Cost

  • Don’t wait until launch to determine your UA cost and ensure it complements your business model.
  • Have players test your game as soon as possible to determine cost per install.

Create Key Performance Indicators

  • Ratios 40% or higher between D1–D7 and D7–D30 retention rates indicate long-term player retention.
  • For casual games, recovering 10% to 20% of your investment in the first week is a positive indication; 5% to 10% is viable for more serious games.

Plan for Long-Term Scaling

  • Strategize the long-term evolution of your economy, mechanics, features, and content.
  • The majority of F2P games are made to last five or more years.


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