Executive Summary

Scratch Card Progression Events

During the two most recent releases of Bingo Blitz’s Pick-A-Diamond mini-game event, revenue averaged +25.6% WoW and +14.1% 2Wo2W. 

Players collect diamonds, an event currency, from bingo cells and IAP bundles. Diamonds are used to buy scratch cards that advance players on a prize map.

Add event-specific currency and bundled IAP sales to linear progression mechanics. Frame these large IAP sales as discounts, use percentages, and offer three strategically priced packages.

Progression Choice Mechanics

Bingo Bash’s revenue was +29% WoW after the release of the Merry Maze expansion feature.

Players win bingos and collect puzzle pieces to earn tools. Tools are used to clear obstacles from maze levels.

Reward luck, skill, and effort in events that allow player choice. Add customizable elements to increase intrinsic motivation. For recurring events, use loyalty programs to improve event retention.



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Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Scratch Card Progression Events
    • Pick-A-Diamond in Bingo Blitz
  • Progression Choice Mechanics
    • Merry Maze in Bingo Bash

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


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  • Premium Partnerships
  • Casino Mechanics Taxonomy

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