Executive Summary

DAFU Casino by Grande Games

In January 2020, DAFU Casino averaged $25,800 in daily revenue and 1,660 in daily downloads. The app launched in the U.S. in March 2018, but revenue began growing in September 2019.

Game Boards with Boss Battles

Bingo Blitz’s revenue was +48% and downloads were +63% 5Do5D during the Feathers & Dragons Happy 2020! event. The initial release of Feathers & Dragons saw revenue +33% WoW.

Mini-Game Guide

This mini-game guide is broken into four parts: Revenue Drivers, Trends, Innovative Mechanics, and Key Takeaways. Notably, four of the top five mini-game revenue drivers are from Bingo Blitz.

Table of Contents

New Competitor

  • DAFU Casino by Grande Games

Revenue Driver

  • Game Boards with Boss Battles
    • Feathers & Dragons Happy 2020! in Bingo Blitz

Mini-Game Guide

  • Revenue Drivers
  • Trends
  • Innovations
  • Key Takeaways

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • Liquid and Grit Slots Personas
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Casino Mechanics Taxonomy

Review all features and events in the Data Tool.

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