Executive Summary

Revenue Driver

After the release of Card Album Euro Cruise, Bingo Party‘s revenue was +45% and downloads were +15% 2Mo2M.

This series of collection events maintains players’ progress throughout the year for increased rewards and more frequent bonuses.

Mission & Challenge Trends

Recent daily challenge and mission releases from Mega Hit Poker and Heart of Vegas led to respective revenue increases of +63% MoM and +19% 4Do4D.

Daily or weekly tasks make up 46% of mission features and 39% of challenge features in tracked apps.

In the last six months, the number of tracked apps investing in mission events has increased +228% 6Mo6M, while the number of those investing in challenge events has decreased -15%.

Breakout Apps

Poker Showdown: Wild West Duel by Tinker Troupe combines poker gameplay with RPG-style battle and progression systems, like unlockable heroes, cards with unique abilities, and upgradable health and attack stats. 

Artrix Poker by Outerdawn Limited lets users vote for their favorite top-10 player on a 24-hour leaderboard. Players can choose when to activate timed boosts—a frequently requested mechanic.

Table of Contents

Revenue Driver

  • Hybrid Collection with Map, Leveling, and Battle Pass
    • Card Album Euro Cruise and Card Album Into Wild in Bingo Party

Mission & Challenge Trends

  • Daily Missions and Challenges
  • Unique Apps with Mission and Challenge Events
  • Mission Events by App
  • Mission Events Across Genres

Revenue Movement

  • DoubleDown Passes Slotomania as Revenue Leader

Market Watch

  • Breakout Apps
  • Notable Releases


  • Liquid & Grit Slots Personas
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Casino Mechanics Taxonomy

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