Executive Summary

JJ Dou Dizhu by JJWorld (Beijing) Network Technology

JJ Dou Dizhu (JJ斗地主欢乐棋牌休闲合集) is a top-grossing casino app in China. Starting on 1/24/20, revenue was +25% and downloads were +172% MoM, likely driven by COVID-19 isolation measures.

Clubillion by Ouroboros

Clubillion is growing rapidly. February revenue was +121% and downloads were +46% MoM. During this period, the app averaged $2,631 in daily revenue and 2,887 daily downloads.

Tamagotchi Levels Feature

After the release of Prize Dragon, Caesars Slots’ revenue was +26% and downloads were -6% MoM. Other concurrent events likely contributed to this revenue increase.

Consumer Insights as a Service

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Table of Contents

Chinese App Teardown

  • JJ Dou Dizhu by JJWorld (Beijing) Network Technology

Breakout App

  • Clubillion by Ouroboros

Revenue Driver

  • Tamagotchi Levels Feature
    • Prize Dragon in Caesars Slots

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Liquid and Grit Slots Personas
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Casino Mechanics Taxonomy

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