You will see the new L&G Slots Personas featured in this Report. We partnered with Kinrate Analytics, an expert team of professors who specialize in user personas, to create the most actionable and relevant user personas in online & mobile gaming.

The Personas and findings are based on nearly 1,300 online U.S. and U.K. slots players. From this data, we identified four fundamental motivations.

Player responses around these motivations uncovered five player personas: Fame Frank, Money Mike, Daydreamer Denise, Gambler Gail, and Sensation Serena.

The L&G Slots Personas will be applied and utilized in our future Casino and Slots Design Reports.

A more-detailed User Persona & Product Insights Report is coming soon. Please email me for more information.

Table of Contents


  • Fundamental Motivations
  • Slots Personas
  • Persona Characteristics


  • Reward Adjustments with Content Releases
  • Content Releases with Event Stacking


  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Casino Product Council

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