Executive Summary

Unlocking Boosts Post-Purchase

After the launch of Leprechaun in Slotomania, revenue was +9.4% WoW and +14.9% 2Wo2W. Downloads were +7.9% and +16.9% during those time periods. After the release of Gladiator Sale, revenue was +14.8% WoW.

After making a Coin Store purchase, players can win an additional percentage of their purchase by filling a bonus meter within a time limit.

Slotomania invests more in mini-game events and less in competition events compared to the 15 highest-grossing Casino apps.

Use post-purchase sweeteners to sink player wallets, make the purchase feel more satisfying, and drive another transaction.

Collections with VIP Levels

Bingo Blitz’s revenue spiked +23.3% WoW and downloads were +6.8% WoW after the launch of Euro Bites.

Players have multiple ways to collect ingredients to make dishes. Completed dishes advance players along a map and increase players’ ranks to unlock additional benefits.

Mini-game events are heavily emphasized calendar events by both Bingo Blitz and Slotomania. Unlike Slotomania, however, Bingo Blitz invests more heavily in competition events.

Add persistent, unlockable reward tiers to features with gaps between content releases to reduce churn.

Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Unlocking Boosts Post-Purchase
    • Leprechaun in Slotomania
  • Collections with VIP Levels
    • Euro Bites in Bingo Blitz

Breakout App

  • Winning Slots by Triple Sevens

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • Mechanics Taxonomy
  • Utilize L&G’s Tools
  • L&G Slots Personas
  • Premium Partnerships

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