Chip Drop mini-game offers better prizes each week. Premium content is unlocked as the ultimate reward


  • Jackpot Party’s Chip Drop mini-game is announced at app-entry as a weekly event (image 1).
  • The Chip Drop board is themed after PLINK-O from The Price is Right. The board displays a stage timer, available chips, and a locked featured machine (image 2).
  • Players choose from ten arrows at the top of the board to drop a chip. Prizes appearing at the bottom of the board increase at every stage (image 3).
  • Chips landing in the center space of the board unlock the featured slot machine, awarding players limited time to play. Time awarded is based on the Chip Drop stage (image 4).
  • When no chips remain, a dialogue appears notifying players to ‘Spin or purchase to earn more chips’ (image 5).
  • Extra chips are included in every coin package or earned during play. A Chip Drop icon is visible in all machines and notifies players when chips have been earned (image 6).

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