• Royal House Slots gives a small amount, $0.26 worth of currency, to new players compared to top grossing casino apps. Likely one of several variants as they test economy tuning during soft launch (Initial Coin Balance Image)
  • Players have an above average amount of free coins daily. There are two bonuses paid out with a total daily value of $11.17. The largest contributor to players’ wallets is the secondary bonus that is paid out every 2 hours with a potential value of $10.91 daily(Total Value of Coin Bonuses)
  • New users have very little amount of play time before running out of currency: 10x the default and minimum bets. Collecting coins from Facebook Connect (200K) and the daily gift (125K) increases tuning to 43x the default and minimum bets, which is still relatively tight(Default Bet Tuning and Minimum Bet Tuning Images)
  • The economy inflation is average relative to top grossing slots apps: 385K coins for every dollar spent (Coins-To-Dollar Ratio Image)
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