DoubleUp Slots epitomizes a breakout success. The game was launched November 6, 2015 and is already a top 20 grossing casino game on iOS. How could this be? Isn’t social casino an impenetrable market for new games? 2015 proved otherwise. Games like DoubleUp Slots, Scatter Slots, Viva Slots Las Vegas and more were released and rose to a top 30 status within only a few months.

This report thoroughly analyzes DoubleUp Slots. To identify the key features of this game we used market research, game analysis, and a technique used by the C.I.A. called Analysis of Competing Hypotheses.

Pay close attention to the House Prize & Piggy Bank section as it includes a summary and analysis of Slotomania’s very similar Piggy Bank feature. Both features are key buyer conversion and transaction mechanics. Some version of one, or both, should be seriously considered for an upcoming release.


  • House Prize & Piggy Bank
  • Wallet Experience
  • Progressive Jackpots

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