Hypercasual sustains its substantial market impacts after first exploding onto the market in 2018.

  • Hypercasual games account for nearly 80% of the mobile game industry’s overall install growth, 38% of total ad revenue, 12.5% of total installs, and 40-50% of total in-game ad inventory.
  • The hypercasual market grew 33% since last year to about $3B per year.
  • Hypercasual is continuing to grow quickly due to:
    • its accessibility and ability to be enjoyed in short bursts.
    • last year’s 70% growth in installs per thousand ad impressions.
    • its low entry barriers, which increased diversification and distribution.
  • IAP-based games help maintain the hypercasual market while simultaneously relying on hypercasual games to increase available ad inventory.
  • Non-hypercasual advertisers purchased 52.4% more from hypercasual ad supply YoY.

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