Coin Pushers and Physics-Based Luck

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Headline Release

Caesars Slots’ Prize Dozer mini-game is part of a trend of coin pusher machines, features, and events in leading casino apps. Although there’s a clear relationship between where players drop tokens and which tokens are pushed, it’s still hard to predict the outcome of any token drop.

The result is an experience that makes players feel like they have control while still being fundamentally based on luck. This method of disguising luck gives players a refreshing break from slots that still maintains the appeal of casino play. 

After the release of Prize Dozer, Caesars Slots’ revenue increased 22% 5Do5D. This big revenue impact is likely due in part to the event’s integration with other features within the app. Players earn tokens by completing tasks in a level feature, and Prize Dozer awards items for a collection season whose last five days coincide with Prize Dozer. 

Release Trends

Mini-game events have a relatively low average revenue impact of 0.6% WoW but a significantly higher median of 1.3%. This suggests that the average is being dragged down by a small number of low-performing releases and that mini-game events have a decent overall revenue impact compared to other event types. 

While mini-game events are released quite frequently in the casino market, the number of mini-game events released by tracked casino apps has dropped by more than half in the past four quarters compared to the preceding four quarters.

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Market Watch

Breakout App Update

Grand Cash Casino’s daily revenue has almost quadrupled since we first covered it in our June ‘22 Casino Report. Since then, the app has improved its tutorial, added daily challenges and missions, and increased rewards in several features. 

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Feature and Event Releases

In Bingo Wild’s Fishing, players spend hearts earned from bingo matches to catch fish of different species, sizes, and rarities. Catching fish awards points for a leaderboard and tokens for an event shop.

In Heart of Vegas’ Battle of the Seas, players place ships on a board for a Battleship-inspired PvE mini-game. Players earn bombs to place on the opponent’s board by spinning slots or buying them from an event shop.

In Jackpot World’s Coin Pusher, players drop coins into a pusher machine. Pushing special coins into the prize zone awards tokens for an exchange shop, giant coins to drop, or mini-stepper spins. IAPs unlock bonuses such as an extended pusher and walls for the sides of the machine.

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