House of Fun HoF Legends is a collection system tied to spins, purchases, and levels

  • There are 8 Legends (3 common, 3 rare, and 2 epic) that players collect (1)
  • Players earn chests to collect medals. This allows them to obtain and rank up Legends
  • Chests are awarded through spinning, purchasing, and XP leveling. One free chest is also given every 12 hours (2)
  • Chests pay out coins and medals. The higher value chests distribute more and rarer medals. There are 4 different chest types:
    • Legends: N/A
    • Premium: 1 rare medal
    • High Roller: 70 rare medals, 5 epic medals
    • The Ultimate Chest: 195 rare medals, 20 epic medals (3)
  • Chests may also be earned in events. In the Trials of Wonderlandevent, completing a challenge awards a chest (and unlocks the next challenge) (4 & 5)
  • Filling a Legend Meterranks up the LegendLegends ranked 2 – 4 award a mystery prize. Rank 5 Legends award coins (6)
  • Ranking up to Legend rank 4 unlocks the Trophy Room that displays all Legends ranked 4 and 5 (7)
  • All medals for rank 5 Legends fill the Extra Bonus Chest. This chest awards a Diamond Chest (8)
  • Upgrading all Legends to rank 5 awards a Grand Prize
  • This feature is scheduled to end 2/18/18

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Key Takeaways:

  • Invest in larger projects to impact more features and further separate your app from others. Bigger features are more defensible and often produce clearer, faster results (even if not positive)
  • Take advantage the increasing game-knowledge of players. Social casino players are ready for more complicated features. More involved, mid-core style features continue to be a successful trend in casino
  • Pick a mechanic that plays to your team’s strength. Art/design is often the team that carries too much weight on larger features (often when they are not the strongest group)

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Ranking Legends up:

Rank 5 Legend:

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