In this month’s report you will see a deep analysis of rewards systems. Rewards systems are powerful mechanics that are widely adopted in social casino. Use these recommendations to create a valuable and unique niche to drive up revenue with your loyal players.

Next, we dive into card collection mechanics. Sloto Cards, Slotomania’s innovative card collection feature, is capitalizing on Supercell’s highly successful casual card-based game, Clash Royale.

On May 2nd, Scatter Slots released Battle Mode for players who attain level 45 and above. In the Competitive Challenges section, we breakdown this whale-targeted feature and suggest how to build a competitive system around your game’s most popular mechanics.

The Economy Deep Dive focuses on Vegas Downtown Slots, a game that was first released in August 2015 and is now the 36th highest-grossing social casino game on iOS.


  • Rewards programs
  • Card collections
  • Competitive challenges
  • Out-of-chips flow
  • Content downloads


  • Sloto Cards – Slotomania
  • Winners’ Challenge – House of Fun
  • Battle Mode – Scatter Slots


  • Vegas Downtown Slots

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