Every once in a while we stumble across fresh features that have yet to gain popularity. Here are five emerging features that have the potential to go mainstream.

Unlimited Rerolling in Initial Gacha

  • Recent Japanese releases allow players to reroll their initial Gacha pull unlimited times without having to repeatedly remove and download the game.

Rewards for Real Life Step-Tracking

  • Digimon ReArise encourages walking by linking itself to players’ Apple health data and offering incentives for steps taken.

In-Game Character Rating Systems

  • The turn-based RPG, Kingdom of Hero, offers a system for players to write reviews and thumbs up those they find most helpful.

Download Time Distractions

  • During their download, some apps are engaging players with activities, like flinging balls at boxes, game-related manga, or ways to gain premium currency.

Auto-Repeat Battles

  • An enhanced version of automatic gameplay, this system starts a new battle as soon as the previous one ends, even offering to do a night grind while the player sleeps.


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