Three new level designs were released in the past month: Boom Boxes, Water Lily, and Shipwrecked

  • Boom Boxes in Gardenscape:
    • Players must make matches next to the Boom Box using pieces that match the colors on the sides of the box (images 1 & 2).
  • Water Lily in Gardenscape:
    • Pieces cannot rest on a closed Water Lily. Making matches next to the Water Lilies opens them up (images 3 & 4).
    • For more information:
  • Shipwrecked in Fishdom:
    • Players must drop all the coins down to the bottom by making matches underneath the coins (image 5).
    • Players do not want to match pieces next to the Jerrican.
    • Matching pieces next to Jerricans burst them open and spills oil over onto adjacent tiles, making it harder to complete the level (image 6).
[envira-gallery slug=”level-design”]
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