From pickles to Prego, Howard Morowitz’s concept of horizontal segmentation has improved customer satisfaction and increased sales across industries. Developing player personas, like those found here at Liquid and Grit, will let you market the right game to the right gamer.

  • Horizontal segmentation–the concept that customers respond to more diverse product options–holds the following tenets:
    • People cluster around a set of preferences.
    • Enough data and analysis can reveal preference clusters.
    • Preference clusters provide insight into select demographics.
  • Tailoring games and ads to preference clusters can improve sales and ROAS.


  • Players can be categorized in several ways. A few models are:
    • Fogg’s Behavior Model
    • Scott Rigby’s Player Experience and Need Satisfaction
    • Bartle’s Player Types
    • The Five-Factor Model

  • Players can also be categorized by their emotional hook, such as:
    • Excitement
    • Social Connection
    • Expertise
    • Success
    • Escape
    • Creation
  • Player profiles have media buying implications. Each profile can favor different websites, apps, even YouTube channels.
  • Player profiles let you analyze their motivations, game selection, and list of competitors, which in turn allows you better competitive analysis.

Your UA and Creatives

  • The qualitative side of UA management is now best done through automation, whereas creative is still a human job.
  • Accommodate multiple preference profiles by diversifying your creatives.

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