Give players back a percentage of their lost chips for a set time period after any purchase. Sell payback packages to increase transactions

  • In Slotomania, a new 2 Hrs Payback is added to any purchase that activates a 0.2% payback on qualifying bets (image 1).
  • In a machine, clicking the 2 Hrs Payback feature icon displays the amount of coins accumulated (image 2).
  • 2 Hrs Payback coins are delivered to the inbox after time expires (image 3).
  • Payback Deluxe is a purchasable timed feature that gives 3.0% payback on non-winning spins for one hour (image 4).
  • When activated, Payback Deluxe is also displayed with an icon showing accumulated coins (image 5).
  • Payback Deluxe coins are collected in the inbox when the feature is complete (image 6).
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