Incorporate boost features into events to increase transactions for progress-based players

  • In Pop! Slots’ Treasure Island Quest, a map with four islands, a timer, progression meter, wheel, and ‘Progress Faster’ button is displayed (image 1).
  • Clicking the ‘Progress Faster’ button opens the chip store with various chip and Compass boost packages (image 2).
  • To complete the quest, players collect Balloons during play. This fills the meter to advance to the next island on the map. Balloons may contain XP, chips, or event points (image 3).
  • The number of Compasses a player possesses is displayed next to the fill meter. Compasses are automatically used to double event points, filling the meter faster (image 4).
  • Players advance on the map when the meter fills, collecting treasure chests at each of the three smaller islands. In this example, an island chest worth $11.71 was awarded (image 5).
  • Reaching Pirates’ Island completes a round, granting a spin on the prize wheel. Players may continue playing additional rounds until the event timer runs out. In this example, the top prize for round one is worth $87.33 in chips (image 6).
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