Scatter HoldEm Poker began climbing the top grossing charts in 2017 and is on track to break into the top 30 iPhone US Casino category

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Scatter HoldEm Poker focuses on retention with three daily bonuses. Exclusive features and rewards are reserved for VIP players

  • Scatter HoldEm Poker features a challenge-based map system. Missions must be completed to advance (image 1).
  • The current mission is visible in the bottom left corner of the screen, with a fill meter displaying progress (image 2).
  • There are three possible daily bonuses: Daily Review, Daily Reward, and Daily Bonus. The Daily Bonus must be earned by completing five of seven tasks. Tasks range from claiming bonuses to making a purchase (image 3).
  • The hourly bonus is the total amount won in ten hands of video poker. Payouts for the video poker paytable may be upgraded (image 4).
  • Type-chat is available to VIP players only. During table play, pre-set chat phrases may be used (image 5).
  • The VIP Status System is comprised of seven levels from Bronze to King. Players earn points to gain the next status level through play and store purchases. Depending on a player’s level, VIP benefits increase chip and status points on store purchases. Exclusive VIP support is given only to the top three VIP levels (image 6).
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  • Scatter HoldEm Poker gives a massive amount, $5.33 worth of coins, to new players compared to top grossing poker apps (Initial Coin Balance image)
  • Scatter HoldEm Poker provides players with a modest amount of free coins daily. There are three bonuses paid out with a total value of $2.12 daily (Total Value of Coins image)
  • Scatter HoldEm Poker’s new user buy-in tuning is modest: 32x the default buy-in amount and 640x the minimum buy-in amount. New users receive an average amount of play time (Default Buy-In and Minimum Buy-In images)
  • Scatter HoldEm Poker has the highest coins-to-dollar ratio relative to top grossing poker apps: $3.0M coins for every dollar spent (Coins-to-Dollar image)
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