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  • The app formally know as Vegas Downtown Slots, which is now called Vegas Words – Downtown Slots, introduced Vegas Words, a word-based mini-game (image 1).
  • Players try for the highest score by spelling words with tiles on the board. Before a tile rack is full, a dialogue surfaces with ways to collect more tiles (image 2).
  • Placing a word and pressing the ‘Word Strength’ icon displays the strength of the word compared to other possibilities with current tiles. A dictionary is available for reference (image 3).
  • Premium Tiles with the highest point values are: Joker, Golden Joker, and Diamond Joker. After placing a Premium Tile, players must choose the desired letter (image 4).
  • Each board displays the number of words needed to complete the board and earn the Board Prize amount. Achieving Point Milestones increases the Board Prize by the milestone amount (image 5).
  • If a board presents a challenge, the challenge and the word goal must be completed in order to win the Board Prize (image 6).
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