Create an event calendar to announce new features. Incorporate a medal collection system to reward players

  • Best Fiends’ Event Calendar is visible inside the event screen (image 1).
  • The Event Calendar provides information for each event (image 2).
  • A Medals collection now accompanies weekly events, with an additional icon on the map screen (image 3).
  • Completing any of the weekly events will award one of five medals.
    • Three of the medal collection events are not played on the main map area and require players to complete five levels in one life. New event levels are added weekly.
    • The fourth medal collection event is available four times a week and is played on the main map. This requires players to reach a number of treasure chest levels before time runs out (image 4).
  • Collecting a medal rewards players with various game currencies. In this example, $2.42 worth of various currencies were awarded for earning the Medal of Bravery (image 5).
  • A medal counter appears in Challenges once an event has been completed and a medal has been collected (image 6).
[envira-gallery slug=”event-calendar-medals”]
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