Executive Summary

App Teardowns

In Hay Day Pop, players build and expand a farm that combines custom design and Sims-like mechanics.

Happy Blast was one of the most downloaded puzzle apps in China during the peak of COVID-19 isolation—with 1.6M downloads in three months. The app generates revenue exclusively from rewarded advertisements.

Piggy Bank Event

After the release of Peggy in Solitaire Grand Harvest, revenue was +41% and downloads were -13% WoW. Two piggy bank price points were the 8th and 9th most purchased IAPs during this period.

Mechanic Guide: Banks

This guide highlights IAP rankings, trends, innovative mechanics, and insights for bank features and events.

Custom Insights as a Service

Did you know that you can hire Liquid & Grit to do a deep dive on specific topics for your business? Insights as a Service gives you additional analysis on the subjects that matter to you.

Table of Contents

App Teardowns

  • Hay Day Pop by Supercell (in Soft Launch)
  • Happy Blast (开心点点消) by Xuchang You (Chinese App)

Revenue Driver

  • Piggy Bank Event
    • Peggy in Solitaire Grand Harvest

Mechanic Guide

  • Banks

Level Design

  • New Level Designs I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Bank IAP Rankings (Casino)
  • L&G Puzzle Personas
  • Puzzle Product Council
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Puzzle Mechanics Taxonomy

Review all features and events in the Data Tool.

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