The best games will be almost entirely personalized. For good reason—personalization is a powerful and low-risk way to improve retention in more established games. In this report, we provide ways to take app-wide features and add customization to increase the ROI.

A great example of this is Cradle of Empires’ UX option for left-handed players. This feature greatly improves playing experience for about 10% of the population (left-handed players) and has no negative impact on the other 90% (right-handed players).

Seekers Note improved app size. We mention this feature because although it was not personalized, it could have been. We show you how with a Casino app feature that allows players to turn on Optimize Space to automatically delete unused content. The result is self-moderated app size—a great feature for whales on older iOS devices and all players on Android.

Lastly, we love to highlight features that require little-to-no development, because they typically have high ROI (driven by low costs) and can make an impact without using your development team. In this report, we recommend ways to improve and personalize music—potentially even licensing popular music to really surprise and delight players.

Implementing a few of these features will yield solid results. To make your game almost entirely personalized, you will need a clear product vision. If successfully executed over the long-term, strong personalization will create a strategic advantage over other games that continue to release one-size fits-all features.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then exceed them—preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.

– Richard Branson


  • Left-Handed Interface
  • App Size Optimization
  • Surprise & Delight


  • Competitive Events



  • Top Grossing 1 – 7
  • Top Grossing 8 – 18
  • Top Grossing 19 – 30


  • Puzzle Fighter – CAPCOM

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