Executive Summary

Platform Changes

Apps on iOS that require players to sign in using third-party login services must now also offer Sign in with Apple.

Missions & Upgradeable Rewards

Gardenscapes’ revenue was +18% and downloads -14% WoW after the release of Furry Season. Revenue maintained at +14% 2Wo2W.

Market Trends

Collection and challenge events make up 31% of all new events in tracked puzzle apps. Collection events have become more prevalent, while challenge events have decreased in popularity.

Custom design events are on the rise, driven in part by Home Design Makeover, which released the most custom design events in 2019. Home Design Makeover was added to the tracked apps list in June.

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Table of Contents

Platform Changes

  • Sign in with Apple

Revenue Drivers

  • Missions & Upgradeable Rewards
    • Furry Season in Gardenscapes

Market Trends

  • Challenge and Collection Events
  • Custom Design Events

Level Mechanics

  • New Level Designs I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • L&G Puzzle Personas
  • Puzzle Product Council
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Puzzle Mechanics Taxonomy

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