Executive Summary

Task Challenge Events

Revenue was +33% WoW and +16% 2Wo2W after Fishdom launched Trouble in Paradise. Downloads were flat during this period.

Players earn tokens to rebuild a cabana area. Completing the cabana awards in-game boosts and event-exclusive rewards.

Top-grossing apps have time and capital advantages that make challenging projects more profitable. Original IP is a prime example that generates long-term value for match-3 apps.

Multi-Stage Events

Following the launch of Rachel’s Quest in Candy Crush Friends Saga, revenue was +24% WoW and +18% 2Wo2W. Downloads spiked +21% WoW and +36% 2Wo2W due to being featured in Apple’s “Updated and Upgraded Games” category.

Players collect stickers to unlock a new character in a two-part event. The first part takes place on a quest map, while the second occurs on the main map.

Drive downloads with user acquisition videos that highlight new boosts … and, by leveraging platform relationships. Then, design event-specific levels to display new boosts.

Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Task Challenge Events
    • Trouble in Paradise in Fishdom
  • Multi-Stage Events
    • Rachel’s Quest in Candy Crush Friends Saga

Breakout App

  • Merge Magic by Gram Games

Level Mechanics

  • New Level Designs I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • L&G Puzzle Personas
  • Puzzle Product Council
  • Premium Partnerships
  • Puzzle Mechanics Taxonomy

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