”A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” Albert Einstein

Dear Product Owner,

In the mobile gaming industry, there is rapid change, immense opportunity, and very low risk. This environment is ideal to test new concepts that may lead to huge wins.

For the past three years, paid user acquisition has been the dominant method to grow users. But as you are well aware, this method is becoming saturated.

Teams that have found innovative ways to grow their user base have enjoyed great success. To increase engagement and Installs, Cradle of Empires just released an iOS widget, allowing players to more easily manage their empire, and iMessage stickers, enabling players to send game-branded texts to friends.

These two features will drive some results, and more importantly, generate information for Cradle of Empires’ next test. High-beta tests, despite the propensity to fail, can increase your portfolio’s value … and lead to the next big thing.

Don’t forget that the features with the largest payouts are often the riskiest. Make sure you have a few in your roadmap.

Move to higher levels.

Brett Nowak


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