Give highly-engaged players an intimate team competition feature that awards team and individual performances. Determine winners based on levels won in a single life

  • Wizard of Oz: Magic Match’s Team Battle event allows players to choose their team. Teams compete in multiple one-hour battles until the event is over (image 1).
  • A countdown timer appears once each team has 10 players (image 2).
  • Team Battles feature 20 levels, battle timer, team point meter, and leading team indicator. Event levels must be completed in a single life. Team points increase for each completed level. Players who fail to complete a level may start again at level one, until the battle is over (image 3).
  • A ‘See the Results’ button appears at the conclusion of each battle (image 4).
  • Each team is notified with a dialogue displaying the winner, final points of each team, and prizes (image 5). Members of the non-winning teams see: ‘These are the Prizes you missed out on!’ with a ‘Continue’ button.
  • The Top Player for each battle is awarded prizes based on individual performance, even if not on the winning team (image 6).
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