Concurrent Themed Competitions

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8 Ball Pool combines two proven mechanics from past events—ice-covered pool tables and a win-streak scoring system—into a set of events (Ice Lounge Epic, Snow Patch Win Streak, and Slippery Ice Championship). This strategy allows the app to create fresh experiences from old content, which helped increase revenue 43% 14Do14D.

In this report, we look at how integrating these mechanics into concurrent events—including a battle pass—creates many opportunities to drive spend and engagement.

Breakout Apps

Just two months after its release, CarX Street has become a contender in the racing market. In addition to an explorable open world, it also offers realistic visuals with detailed vehicle damage and character animations. Although developer CarX Technologies has never had a major hit, their experience in the market should help them keep up with the genre’s demands for new content.

The Program: College Football’s developer Fantasy Moguls has a long history of collaborating with CBS Interactive to make sports sims, all of which use fictional players and teams. The Program: College Football continues this trend with two main differences: It appears to be made without CBS, and it focuses on college rather than pro football. Although using fictional teams keeps costs down, it also probably diminishes The Program’s growth potential.

Innovative Features and Events

This month’s noteworthy releases include a set of Progressive Insurance-themed events in Golf Rival, a competitive upgrade event in Tennis Clash, and a competition involving a specific boost in Fishing Clash.

Download the January Racing & Sports Report for our complete analysis.

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