Gacha Removal

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Mario Kart Tour’s Spotlight Shop replaces the app’s gacha mechanic with a more traditional store that changes its offers each day. This is a significant shift in the app’s monetization strategy that makes it easier for players to buy the specific vehicles, drivers, and equipment they want. It also more closely aligns with the Mario Kart franchise’s emphasis on accessibility.

While this update decreased revenue -17% MoM after its release, the change probably isn’t intended to boost short-term revenue.

In this report, we analyze how Mario Kart Tour is likely making this shift to prioritize the player experience, invest in the app’s long-term health, and distinguish itself from competitors in a market dominated by gacha and loot box mechanics.

Breakout Apps and Soft-Launch Apps

NEKO GOLF focuses on PvP matches and detailed swing mechanics to create a high skill ceiling. Its anime aesthetic, built around characters from COLOPL’s Shironeko mobile RPG franchise, is also rare in the sports market.

NBA All-World is the result of a partnership between AR specialists Niantic (Pokémon GO) and the NBA. The app includes all the hallmarks of a Niantic experience: finding locations and items in the real world, completing challenges to recruit heroes, and engaging in PvP battles. The big question is whether basketball fans are interested in AR RPG-style gameplay.

Innovative Features and Events

Other noteworthy releases include a team-based competition with exclusive cues in 8 Ball Pool, timed racing challenges in Asphalt 9: Legends, and a fishing tournament that refreshes every hour in Fishing Clash.

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