Story-Based Race Modes

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Asphalt 9: LegendsDrive Syndicate Undercover Ops uses multiple race modes and thoughtful UI design to tell a story without making players read a lot of text. In a new race mode, players drive a police car and disable the cars of crime syndicate members. In another mode, players must complete normal races “undercover” as a way to gain the syndicate’s trust. 

This combination of multiple race modes, a compelling story, and a number of new content releases helped grow Asphalt 9: Legends’ revenue 20% MoM during the event’s month-long run.

Soft-launch and Breakout Apps

NBA Clash offers basketball fans a large roster of licensed heroes and well-tuned PvP gameplay. At the same time, its gacha-style hero collection may frustrate players looking for a solely skill-based sports title.

Infinity 8 Ball brings a few interesting innovations to the genre, including nuanced shooting mechanics and a deep upgrade system. This approach has helped Infinity 8 Ball climb into the top 20 sports apps, although it still has a ways to go before it can challenge the leading pool app, 8 Ball Pool.

Innovative Features and Events

Other innovative releases this month include a collection event in KartRider Rush+ that includes a cross-promotion with food delivery company Baedal Minjok, NFL-themed tournaments in Ultimate Golf!, and PvP missions on themed pool tables in 8 Ball Pool.

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