Executive Summary

Revenue Driver

Rise of Kingdoms‘ revenue was +20% and downloads were -8% MoM after the initial launch of Peerless Scholar.

In this new trivia mini-game season, players progress through three tiers of quizzes about world history and game mechanics.

Product Trends

Leaving out March as an outlier, mini-games made up an average of 5.2% of events released in the past three months compared to 3.9% for December–February.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire released 17 mini-game events in the past year, the most of all tracked RPG apps. The top three apps accounted for nearly 60% of all mini-game events.

Although casino apps released the most mini-games over the past year, RPG apps have released more for the past two months. Among tracked apps, mini-games made up 12% of casino events, 5% of RPG events, and 1% of puzzle events in the past year.

Soft-Launch & Breakout Apps

Hardhead Squad by Rovio lets players build bases, recruit armies, and upgrade technology to conquer territories on a hex-tile map in a stylized modern combat setting. This app was soft-launched in May in the U.S., the Philippines, Finland, Sweden, and Poland.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius by Square Enix is a tactical RPG spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius inspired by the popular Final Fantasy Tactics series. The app includes heroes from past titles, fully voiced quests, and abilities that are influenced by 3D battle environments. War of the Visions is the 21st highest-grossing RPG app as of 7/1/20.

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Revenue Driver

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