Executive Summary

Arknights by Yostar Limited

In February 2020, Arknights averaged $44,535 in daily revenue (+118% MoM) and 2,635 daily downloads (-6% MoM).

Puzzle Mini-Game Event

After the release of the Sharp Eyes & Quick Hands and Picking Up Pieces events in Rise of Kingdoms, revenue was +62% and downloads were +9% 4Do4D. The last four releases of these events have averaged +59% revenue for their durations.

Fishing Mini-Game Feature

In the three weeks following the release of Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire‘s fishing feature, revenue was -11% and downloads were -34% 3Wo3W.



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Table of Contents

Breakout App

  • Arknights by Yostar Limited

Revenue Driver

  • Puzzle Mini-Game Event
    • Sharp Eyes & Quick Hands and Picking Up Pieces in Rise of Kingdoms

New Innovation

  • Fishing Mini-Game Feature
    • Fishing Mini-Game in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

New Content

  • Content Releases I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I & II


  • Premium Partnerships
  • RPG Mechanics Taxonomy

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