Executive Summary

Individual & Collective Challenge Events

Following the start of the Blessed SWC 2019 Scroll Reward Event, Summoners War’s revenue was +24% 2Wo2W. During a similar event in 2018, revenue was +20% 2Wo2W.

Players complete challenges and make purchases to earn summoning scrolls. Each scroll lets players pick a set of monsters to summon from and offers a choice between two monsters.

Make long-term investments in more difficult projects, like esports, that are harder for incumbents to fast follow. Personalize dialogues and IAP offers to increase conversion rates.

Hero Sampler Mission Events

After the release of the Clash on Kamino event, revenue was +72% WoW and +40% 2Wo2W in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Players complete a series of four battles that each require a different set of heroes or ships. Battles award shards of a new hero, General Skywalker, who players use and fight against during the event.

Let players borrow and compete against yet-to-be-unlocked heroes to showcase new heroes’ abilities. Create progressions with noticeable difficulty peaks and valleys to reduce churn.

Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Individual & Collective Challenge Events
    • Blessed SWC Scroll Reward Event in Summoners War
  • Hero Sampler Mission Events
    • Clash on Kamino in Star War: Galaxy of Heroes

New Content

  • Content Releases I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • Premium Partnerships
  • RPG Mechanics Taxonomy

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