Executive Summary

Customizable IAP Bundles

After the release of the challenge event Mid-Autumn Festival, revenue in Last Shelter: Survival was +23% and downloads +28% WoW. During the challenge event Harvest Festival, revenue was +38% WoW. Both events offered customizable IAP bundles.

Players can customize IAP bundles to assist with event progression. Each bundle offers multiple combinations of boosts, resources, and items.

Set customizable purchase bundles at a few lower price points to drive conversions. Then, use post-purchase upsells and mini-games to increase revenue per payer.

Siege Events

During two of the more recent releases of the Red Guard Raid event in Guns of Glory, revenue was +4% WoW (9/17) and +24% WoW (10/1). 

Player alliances defend against 20 waves of Red Guard Raids. To successfully defend the raids, players must kill at least 50% of raiders. Raids do not damage player troops.

Add VIP levels to recurring events to create longer-lasting revenue impacts. Boost whale engagement by including rewards for alliance and individual performance. 

Table of Contents

Revenue Drivers

  • Customizable IAP Bundles
    • Combination Packages during Challenge Events in Last Shelter: Survival
  • Siege Events
    • Red Guard Raid in Guns of Glory

New Content

  • Content Releases I & II

Market Watch

  • Notable Releases I, II, & III


  • Premium Partnerships

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