Purchasable Bonus Enhancements

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Headline Machine

Big Fish Casino’s Buffalo Gold Stampede Anniversary Edition is the first time we’ve seen a machine let players use app-wide currency to buy enhancements for a bonus. At the start of free spins, players can buy three tiers of chests that grant three random enhancements. With chests that cost $5–$25 worth of currency and produce over 50 unique combinations of enhancements, this mechanic has the potential to be a major revenue driver if introduced across multiple machines. 

Although disrupting gameplay to offer purchases before each free spin bonus is potentially risky, Big Fish Casino reduces this risk by introducing the mechanic on a popular, previously released machine. Using a machine that players are familiar with makes the purchasable enhancements feel like an added value rather than a normal bonus that players need to pay for.

Other Innovative Machines

Mini-Game Bonus — In Cash Frenzy’s Blazing Heroes, players earn dice rolls to move on a game board and trigger bonuses. Completing laps unlocks more boards. 

Mini-Game Bonus — During free spins in Cash Tornado’s Wolf Smash, players arrange pig multipliers on a conveyor belt. Each winning spin receives a multiplier from the first pig on the conveyor belt, after which that pig is discarded. 

Collection Bonus — In Jackpot World’s Jack with the Beanstalk, certain symbols cause a character to climb a beanstalk that awards enhancements for free spins at milestones.

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