IGT’s Cleopatra Plus incorporates mechanics associated with social: a collection mechanic and in-machine leveling

  • Cleopatra Plus offers a 3 x 5 reel set, a button to change Deities symbols, and Level Up Plus collection mechanic (image 1).
  • Level Up Plus offers new features and increased payback based on eight in-machine levels to unlock additional maps, Deities, and Payback Boosts. Payback Boosts are additional features awarded for specific levels obtained. Pressing the Deities symbol located at the top-left of the reels gives the option to change which symbol lands. Additional stacked Deities may be unlocked by obtaining a higher level by collecting Follower symbols (image 2).
  • Follower symbols landing on the reels are collected to level up (image 3).
  • Three or more Follower symbols landing triggers the bonus feature, giving players a choice of location. Obtaining higher machine levels unlocks up to three different locations (image 4).
  • The bonus begins with five free spins and a number of picks from five locations on a map. The number of picks awarded is based on player level and triggering symbols. Picks may reveal coins, additional free spins, multipliers, Super Spins, or a Last Spin Multiplier (image 5).
  • The Last Spin Multiplier awards a big multiplier for the last free spin, which is unlocked at level six. The Super Spins feature unlocks at level eight, adding super stacked wilds to the reels. Both features are awarded during the ‘map pick’ portion of the bonus (image 6).
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Game play
Hit frequency 33%
Volatility 5.2
Spins until a bonus 154
Distribution of RTP as % of total RTP
Base game 79%
Bonus game 21%
Pick’em w/Free spins 21%
RTP range
Minimum range 86%
Median 94%
Maximum range 103%
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