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Pokerist Machine Streamlines Spins by Turning Symbols into Bonuses

A new machine in Pokerist simplifies the player experience by keeping all of its spins and bonuses on a single reel set. The machine accomplishes this while creating long waves of anticipation by:

  1. Adding symbols with bonus mechanics directly within base spins.
  2. Having those bonuses trigger immediately upon landing.
  3. Allowing bonuses to trigger each other, which creates frequent chains of bonuses.

These design decisions work together to create an uninterrupted experience that targets players who prefer the flow of spins to layered bonuses.

Respins, a key feature of this machine, are the most frequently released base game feature in slots apps and have become more common over the past two years. In 2023, top casino apps released an average of 66.8 machines with respins per quarter, up from an average of 55.3 in 2022.

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Alternating Fill Meters, In-Machine Challenges, and Moveable Frames

A new machine in Game of Thrones Slots introduces innovative mechanics based on the IP’s theme of warring factions. As players spin, they alternate between two fill meters, each representing a different faction. Players fill the active meter by landing characters from the corresponding faction, and completing either meter awards a pick’em bonus associated with that faction. 

A machine in Slotomania offers timed challenges above the reels to increase engagement. These challenges require players to spin, win, trigger bonuses, or collect symbols a certain number of times to earn currency.

A machine in Jackpot World lets players move a frame to any reel position of their choice between spins. Players land different symbols in the frame to win bonuses, including respins, free spins, and a wheel spin.

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