Social Bonus with Multiple Game Types

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Headline Release

In POP! Slots’ Vegas Tales The Magnificent Jack, players land symbols during base spins to earn tokens for a social bonus that offers one of two possible dice games. To participate in the bonus, players must pass a qualifying round by landing symbols to fill a meter before a timer runs out.

The machine includes several design decisions that increase engagement and spend. The qualifying rounds sink players’ wallets by creating a sense of urgency and awarding more progress for higher bets. Once players qualify, both dice games offer an unusually high degree of agency by letting players choose their own win conditions and awarding larger multipliers for riskier options. Finally, offering multiple possible dice games gives players a reason to replay the machine and allows POP! Slots to add more dice games in future expansions.

Release Trends

Machines with social bonuses have been released at a fairly consistent pace over the past two years. Despite some quarterly variance, the past four quarters only had one fewer social bonus release than the preceding four quarters. POP! Slots continues to release the most machines with social bonuses by far, making up 43% of all social bonus machines released by tracked apps in the past year.

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Market Watch

During respins in Lightning Link Casino’s Pup Cup Pro Tour, players land golf ball symbols that turn into golf holes. A golfer hits a ball onto the reels for each hole, and each ball that lands in a hole awards a prize multiplier.

During a mini-game in Jackpot World’s Super 5 Carnival, players drop coins into a pusher machine. Pushing coins into a prize zone awards currency, pushing coins into side zones removes them from play, and pushing a purple coin into the prize zone awards a bonus for the mini-game.

In a pick’em in Quick Hit Slots’ Clue Confidential, players pick a suspect, room, or weapon to trigger various free spin bonuses. In another Clue-themed machine by Quick Hit Slots, Clue Mansion: West Wing, players choose a suspect, room, and weapon to make an accusation. An incorrect accusation ends the mini-game and removes one selection for future attempts, while a correct accusation awards a jackpot.

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