Novel machines benefit your whole roster

A new machine in Lotsa Slots offers an alternative to traditional paylines and an unusually deep poker mini-game. Read this month’s Slots Design Report for our complete analysis and other notable releases.

Instead of a traditional reel set, reels in Lotsa SlotsJackpots or Better are grouped into pairs that each contain opposite halves of dollar bill symbols. To win, players must match both halves of a bill. 

Novelty keeps everything fresh

This unusual approach to pays is part of an emerging trend of reimagined reel sets, like the hexagonal reel positions seen in Quick Hit SlotsHexogems Jewels of the Pharaoh. While these unique formats are unlikely to displace classic machines as the crowd favorite, research suggests that novel experiences have value beyond the potential of finding a new hit.

Adults generally prefer familiar experiences, but overfamiliarity breeds boredom that leads to churn. Fortunately, studies have found that novelty both draws in new players and prevents current players from becoming bored with other, more traditional machines. Basically, innovative releases make all of your machines more appealing—even the familiar ones.

Autoplay bonuses

In addition to its unique reel set, Jackpots or Better also offers an unusually active five-card draw poker mini-game. Each bonus consists of three poker hands, and players must choose which cards to hold. For players who are unfamiliar with poker, a hint button suggests moves for each hand.

These hints are important, because innovative mechanics can deter engagement when they exceed players’ abilities. Jackpots or Better could reduce friction even more—and potentially make the mini-game more enjoyable for players looking for a relaxing session—by adding an autoplay option.

Download the full Slots Design Report for our complete analysis and other notable features.

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