Family Feud-Themed Machine

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Headline Release

Slotomania’s Family Feud machine uses real questions and answers from the Family Feud TV show to recreate the experience of watching the show. Even though players don’t choose their own answers to the questions, waiting to see what answers land and how many points they award creates a satisfying cycle of anticipation and payoff without disrupting the flow of slots play.

This machine is part of an ongoing partnership between Slotomania and Family Feud that also includes a competition, mini-games, and in-game stickers. Slotomania has been promoting this collaboration through TV adsand social media content that includes a Family Feud-style game show and a contest.

Market Watch

This month’s noteworthy releases include a trio of wild bonuses: 

In Cash Frenzy’s Beasts of Legend, four tokens representing different wild bonuses move on a track around the reels. Landing an orb while a token is on a gold space on the track triggers that token’s bonus.

In Scatter Slots’ Queen and Frog, a frog next to the reels moves up or down each spin. Landing certain symbols on the same row as the frog awards wilds or currency. 

In Scatter Slots’ Scatter Girls, landing three or more symbols of the same color awards a jackpot. During free spins, reel 1 turns into a full-reel wild of a single color. 

Read the full Headline Release and Market Watch sections for our complete analysis.

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