You will find a summary of the social casino slots trends in the Market Watch section. Use this to decide whether you want to follow recent developments in reels, themes, and mechanics…or try something different.

The Market Watch section also dissects every machine released by the top 30 grossing slots games in October. Check out creative machines with multiple reel sets, unique classic machine mechanics, and new bonus games. This information allows you to spend less time playing competitors’ games and more time creating the next slot machine mechanic that will delight your players.

To fully understand the newest innovations, our Deep Dive section tears down specific machines, equipping you with a summary of mechanics and powerful data on hit frequency, volatility, bonus games frequency, and RTP. The data is based on 10,000 spins, twenty hours of machine play, to provide you with the most accurate business intelligence information available.


  • SAMURAI MASTER from Jackpot Party
  • SANDS OF TIME from House of Fun
  • ZOMBIE PROM from Big Fish Casino
  • GLEE LITTLE PIGS from myVegas Slots
  • MONSTER RICHES from House of Fun

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